Widget Analytics

Widgets analytics help you understand the widget level performance and the performance of the products within a widget.  You can use this information to remove the friction between products and their discoverability and purchase of your products.


All Widgets Performance Dashboard

The Widgets Performance Overview Dashboard provides an aggregated and interactive overview of how different Recommendation widgets perform and drive key business metrics like Revenue and Conversions across your site.

Widget Performance Reports

The Widget Performance reports show data about the widgets placed on the site and how shoppers interact with them. Using the widget's performance data, you can optimize their placement on the site pages. 

Overall Performance Report

To access the Overall Performance Report for a particular widget, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to the Bloomreach Dashboard- https://tools.bloomreach.com. For EMEA customers, use https://tools.bloomreach.co.uk
  2. Go to Pathways & Recommendations  → Widget Configurator.
  3. Next to the widget, click on the Reports button, then select Overall Performance.

A sample of the Overall Performance report is given below:


The report provides the following performance metrics for each widget. By default, the last 30 days of data is considered for the metrics evaluation:

  • Visits (M)
  • Visitors¬† (M)
  • Click Through Rate (M)
  • Add to Cart (M)
  • Revenue (M)
  • Conversions (M)

Top Products Report

The Top Products report shows you the data about the products shown in the widgets. Using the product level data within the widgets such as clicks, revenue, conversions, etc., you can perform various merchandising actions to re-rank the product placements within the widgets. This will help you improve the conversions and revenue of the products as well as the widgets.

The product performance reports lists the products in the widget sorted by conversions by default, along with the performance metrics and dimensions given below. By default, the last 30 days of data is considered for the metrics evaluation.

  • Views (M)
  • Visits (M)¬†
  • ATC¬†(M)
  • Revenue¬†(M)
  • Conversion Rate¬†(M)
  • Conversions¬†(M)
  • Brand (D)
  • Heading (D)
  • Image (D)

To access the Top Products report, 

  1. Go to Pathways & Recommendations  → Widget Configurator.
  2. Next to the widget, click on the Report button then Top Products.

A sample of the Top Products report is given below: