Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS)

With this feature, you can allow your user to search products from across your sites (online) and have it picked up physically from any of your stores nearest to the user (offline). This offers your user a seamless buying experience that dissolves the boundaries of online shopping and the convenience of offline pick-up.  

Bloomreach powers search across all your sites and aggregates products in a way that does not create duplicates in the search results. 


This feature is enabled on request. Talk to your Bloomreach representative to know more.

With this feature, you can provide the following capabilities on your site: 

  • Enable unified search across multiple stores

You can allow a user to search for a product available in multiple stores. 

For example,

The user- John is located in Mountain View and searches for a bottle chardonnay wine (Red, 750 ml) in the online store of Homeoasis in Mountain View as well as Palo Alto store. If the wine is not available in the Mountain View store, John can purchase and pick-up the product from the next nearest available store (Palo Alto). 

  •  Enable distance-based filtering

You can pre-define the radius of search for a user to return products only from stores having the products within that radius.

For example,

Homeoasis defines 100 miles as the searchable radius. John is located in Mountain View and searches for a red wine. The products are available in Palo Alto (8.5 miles), Sunnyvale (2.9 miles), San Jose (13 miles) and Sacramento (120 miles) stores. However, the products from the Sacramento store are not returned. 

  • Extend the search to home-delivery, in case of unavailability

You can allow the user to search for a product on all your stores and tag those products which are outside a fixed radius as “items not available in your area” so that the user can choose an online delivery option. 

For example,

John is located in Mountain View and searches for a rare bottle of Chateau Lafite, 1787 on the Homeoasis website that serves all the stores. Homeoasis can allow its users to see if the searched product is available within a specific radius of the user ( Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, San Jose) for in-store pick up. Incase the product is only available in Sacramento store, Homeoasis can notify the users to have it home delivered from the Sacramento store.


How to Implement this Feature

To implement this feature, you must pass additional parameters specific to customer location in the Search or Category API. You can view the API parameters under Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) at the end of the Use-case Dependent Parameters page.