Sequential Lock for Multi-Site

💡 Prerequisite Knowledge

We recommend that you review the following guides:

Inheritance of Customizations

For a multi-site setup, Sequential Lock can be enabled at the Account, Site-group, and Site levels.The Sequential Lock customizations applied to the Account or Site-group level will also flow down to the lower levels for the same query. For all the lower levels, existing product operations in the sequentially locked range will be overridden.

To avoid the inheritance of customizations, you can either:

  • Turn Sequential Lock OFF at the local site levels.
  • Specify the Sequential Lock customizations at the lower site levels.

Please note that Account or Site group level Sequential Lock customizations will not apply if slot customizations (Lock in Place/Position) exist at the site level.

Missing Sequentially Locked Products at the Site Level

If some products are not present in the Site level recall, but they have been sequentially locked at the Account/Site-group levels, there can be two cases:

  1. Missing products have “Add to Recall” toggle OFF: The products will be skipped at the lower Site level. The subsequent product(s) will move up a position for each skipped product.
  2. Missing products have “Add to Recall” toggle ON: The products will be present at the Site level in the Sequential Lock range.

Points to remember

  • Conflicting Sequential Lock/Slot customizations at different site levels will be resolved by the following precedence order: Site level > Site group level > Account level.
  • If a site is part of two or more site groups with conflicting Sequential Lock / Slot customizations, then the last modified rule will be given preference.