### 💡 Prerequisite Knowledge

We recommend that you review the following guides:

  • [Sequential Locking Products](🔗): This guide gives you an overview of the Sequential Lock operation.

  • [Building Curated Pages with Sequential Lock](🔗): This guide illustrates how you can curate aesthetically pleasing pages with Sequential Lock.

## Inheritance of Customizations

For a [multi-site](🔗) setup, Sequential Lock can be enabled at the Account, Site-group, and Site levels.**The Sequential Lock customizations applied to the Account or Site-group level will also flow down to the lower levels for the same query.** For all the lower levels, existing product operations in the sequentially locked range will be overridden.

To avoid the inheritance of customizations, you can either:

  • Turn Sequential Lock OFF at the local site levels.

  • Specify the Sequential Lock customizations at the lower site levels.

Please note that Account or Site group level Sequential Lock customizations will not apply if slot customizations (Lock in Place/Position) exist at the site level.

## Missing Sequentially Locked Products at the Site Level

If some products are not present in the Site level recall, but they have been sequentially locked at the Account/Site-group levels, there can be two cases:

  1. **Missing products have “Add to Recall” toggle OFF**: The products will be skipped at the lower Site level. The subsequent product(s) will move up a position for each skipped product.

  2. **Missing products have “Add to Recall” toggle ON:** The products will be present at the Site level in the Sequential Lock range.

### Points to remember

  • Conflicting Sequential Lock/Slot customizations at different site levels will be resolved by the following precedence order: **Site level > Site group level > Account level**.

  • If a site is part of two or more site groups with conflicting Sequential Lock / Slot customizations, then the last modified rule will be given preference.