Before you begin

Make sure to also integrate the [Relevance by Segment API](🔗).

You can learn more about Relevance by Segment on the [feature page](🔗).

Add pixel parameters containing segment name and values to capture analytics for those segments. Segment information must be added to both [page view pixels](🔗) and [event pixels](🔗). Currently, the following segments are supported:

Column Title
Column Title
Column Title
**Segment name****Description****Sample values**
customer_tierTier that the user belongs to.Premium<br><br>Gold<br><br>Base
customer_countryCountry that the user belongs to or is accessing the site from.US<br><br>Australia
customer_geoGeography or Region that the user belongs to.Florida<br><br>Asia
customer_profileProfile of the user.Healthcare<br><br>Cleaning

**Using an existing pixel parameter as a segment** In addition to the above segments, you may also use any existing pixel parameter, such as view\_id, user\_id, etc., as a segment. If you choose an existing pixel parameter as a segment, then additional pixel integration is not required. 

### **Defining Segments**

Add your segment parameter in the following format: 

Where \<segment_name> is the name of the segment, and <value> is a string containing the segment value.

The value string may only contain alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9), hyphens (“-”), or underscores (“\_”). It is case sensitive.

A segment can have up to 5000 unique values, though we don’t recommend using a segment with so many values since it can thin out the data used for ranking. If you do have a use case for using more than 5000 unique value, please consult a member of the Bloomreach team.

**Example Segment**

For a segment named customer_tier with a value of premium, the pixel parameter is:

### Native App Implementation

Discovery SDKs

For details on using the Discovery [Android](🔗) and [iOS](🔗) SDKs for specific Native App Implementation, refer to their respective linked guides.

The same steps described above also apply to the Native App implementation.