**Bulk Operation** allows you to perform various merchandising operations on multiple products at the same time in the Product Grid Editor.

With Bulk Operation, you can: 

  • [Search for and select products by their product IDs in bulk](🔗).

  • [Boost, bury, block, or lock products in bulk](🔗)

  • [Remove boost, bury, block, or lock customisations from products in bulk](🔗).

  • [Drag and drop to add multiple products to the grid, or position lock products within the grid in bulk](🔗).


## Bulk Operation scope

Bulk Operation is available in the the Product Grid Editor, which can be accessed in the Dashboard in the follow locations:

  • **Search & Merchandising → Site search→ Ranking rules**

  • **Search & Merchandising → Categories→ Ranking rules**

  • **Setup → Discovery global configurations → Global ranking rules**

  • **Pathways & Recommendations****Widget Configurator****Manage Widget Query Settings** (only for customers with Recommendations and Pathways)

  • **SEO **(only for customers with Thematic pages)

**Note**: This feature is **not** available for customers who are using **"Boost & Lock"** and is only available for customers who are using "**Boost to Top**".