To integrate the [SKU Select feature](🔗), your SKU data must be sent in your product catalog. You must make changes to SKU variants for the following capabilities:

  • Allow filtering or faceting at the SKU level

  • Define the default SKU for a product

  • Display Hero SKU price and sale_price

## Catalog changes for Faceting or Filtering

To enable SKU level attribute faceting or filtering, you can use the standard Bloomreach-defined attributes (static attributes), listed below.

To enable custom attributes (dynamic attributes) that are your own customized SKU attributes, work with your Bloomreach representative.

### Static SKU Attributes

Static attributes are predefined and must be used with the same naming convention. See the table below.

If you have existing dynamic attributes that were already defined with the names under the **Product attribute name** column below, you must change the names to match the **SKU attribute names** column. For example, if you used _price_ as the attribute name, you must change it to _sku_price_ before onboarding to SKU indexing.

SKU attribute nameProduct attribute nameSingle or multi value

Facet Manager behavior

The Facet Management works in the same way for SKU attributes as it does for product-level attributes. Attributes can be modified and their values can also be customized.


Ranking merchandising such as boost, bury, include/exclude, etc., cannot be applied on the above SKU attributes currently.

## Define a Default SKU

You can set a product’s default SKU by adding an attribute named default_sku with a value of “true”.

For example, the product below has the 43589801 variant defined as its default SKU:

## Hero SKU price and sale price

You can display the price and sale_price attributes of the [Hero SKU](🔗) that is dynamically chosen by Bloomreach. These values can then be retrieved in the API call. The behaviour is explained in the table below:

AttributeDescriptionRetrieved in API? (fl)SortableFacetable
hero_sku_priceThe price of the Hero SKU:white-check-mark:
hero_sku_sale_priceThe sale price of the Hero SKU:white-check-mark:


Currently, you cannot implement faceting or sorting on Hero SKU price and sale price.