# **What is the Catalog Management feature**

Catalog Management allows you to view, manage, diagnose, and explore the data across all the Catalogs in your account. This feature consists of a suite of tools that covers the entire experience of managing the data integration process in a self-service manner, from the very beginning of feeding data into a Discovery catalog all the way through configuring and verifying the data in our [Search](🔗) and [Suggest APIs](🔗).

# **Where can you use Catalog Management**

Here are some examples of how you can use this feature:

  • View all Catalogs, including their usage data such as counts and sizes

  • View feed data as sent from the source system for debugging

  • Choose different configurations for data attributes in Search and Suggest APIs

  • Perform common management operations like copying and promoting configurations between Catalogs as well as changing common settings

  • View the current and historical job history for modifications to the Catalog

  • Search and explore data in the Catalog and see the corresponding Search and Suggest API calls at the same time

**Note:** The Catalog Management feature will supersede and deprecate existing DevStudio functionality related to Catalog data such as Feed Status, API Explorer, and Catalogs.

# **How to use Catalog Management**

Use the following guides to understand how this feature works:

  • [Understanding Feed & Configuring Attributes](🔗): This guide walks you through the process of understanding your feed, customizing attributes, and exploring the catalog data using the Catalog Management feature.

  • [Promoting Changes & Viewing Jobs](🔗): This guide walks you through the process of promoting your configurations, copying configurations from another environment, updating the index, and viewing jobs using the Catalog Management feature.

  • [Exploring Catalog Data & Customizing API](🔗): This guide illustrates the process of exploring and customizing our APIs as per your needs.

Please note that only the customers using [API-based Data Delivery](🔗) will be able to view feed data in Catalog Management.

# **User Permissions**

Your Account Administrator can assign you either of the following roles that let you quickly view, manage, diagnose, and explore the data across all the catalogs:

  • **`DataConnect Admin`**

  • **`DataConnect User`**

Visit [this](🔗) guide to learn how to assign these roles.

# **Limitations**

Catalog Management does not currently support Content Catalogs.