## **💡Prerequisite knowledge**

We recommend that you review the following guide:

  • [Query Relaxation](🔗): This guide introduces you to the Query Relaxation feature. Query Relaxation to Brand Name is a feature extension that supplements the Query Relaxation capability.

# **What is Query Relaxation to Brand Name**

When none of the terms in a search query match any product in the feed, Bloomreach leverages the Query Relaxation feature to extract the product type from the query and retrieve matching products.

But what happens if a shopper searches for a query like "Adidas prime 6" where they don't specify any product type but mention the brand name?

**Query Relaxation to Brand Name** feature addresses this use case effectively. If the query has a brand name but no identifiable product type, this feature relaxes the query to the brand name and retrieves matching product results. This **eliminates null results** and **displays relevant products** corresponding to the shopper’s search intent.

Please note that the brand values will be extracted from your feed.

# **How to access this feature**

  • **Live Customers**: Please contact Support to enable this feature.

  • **Integrating Customers**: Please contact your Technical Services representative who is helping with your integration.

# **FAQs**

  1. **Is there an additional charge for a customer to turn on this feature?** No additional charge.

  2. **Does this feature increase latency?** There might be a very slight increase in latency.

  3. **What happens if there is a product type and a brand name in the query?** Product type always takes precedence for query relaxation.

  4. **What happens if there is no product type, but multiple brand names in the query?** We relax the query to the leftmost brand name from the query.