Bloomreach Discovery is a SaaS-based product discovery platform that **helps you curate relevant, intelligent, and efficient digital search experiences so that your customers find the right products at the right time with maximum ease**.

Discovery equips you with real-time data and actionable customer behavior insights that help you fine-tune your customers' search experiences to their preferences.

# Discovery Features Overview


Bloomreach Discovery Tool Set

### [Search and Merchandising](🔗)

**Help your customers find the products they’re looking for** with an AI-Driven Search Engine coupled with a powerful and intuitive [merchandising dashboard](🔗).

### [Recommendations and Pathways](🔗)

**Deliver a seamless search experience that matches your customers’ preferences** with intelligent, accurate, and personalized [Recommendations widgets](🔗) and marketing pages that let you cross-sell, upsell and feature relevant products.

### [SEO](🔗)

**Drive high-quality organic traffic to your site and boost your product discoverability** with rich, relevant, and crawler-friendly product content for mid and long-tail search queries.

### [Insights and Analytics](🔗)

**Discover new conversion opportunities and understand your customers’ journey, preferences, and behavior** with advanced Insights and Analytics.

### [Testing and Audiences](🔗)

**Create, test, track and implement customized and personalized shopper experiences for [unique Audience segments](🔗)** by leveraging the customer learnings from our commerce-specific algorithms.

Discovery Integration

Follow this [guide](🔗) to integrate Bloomreach Discovery with your site.