# Start Discovering Bloomreach Discovery

Welcome to the Bloomreach Discovery homepage! Here you can find a host of self-help resources and articles that provide an overview of how Discovery works.

  • If you're just getting started with Discovery, take a look at our introductory <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/bloomreach-discovery" target="_blank"> article. </a>

  • Here's an <a href="https://visit.bloomreach.com/discovery-tour?hsLang=en" target="_blank"> Interactive Tour </a> that walks you through our Search intelligence.

  • Further, you can watch this video that introduces <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI54VzpH-RE" target="_blank"> Bloomreach Discovery in under 3 minutes. </a>

  • Visit the [Discovery Glossary](🔗) article to learn about the Bloomreach Discovery concepts.

Sign up for [this](🔗) **Free Discovery Crash Course** to get a high-level overview of the capabilities of Bloomreach Discovery and how it solves e-commerce challenges with its ready-to-go solutions. If you have any troubles signing up, please refer to [this](🔗) guide.

# User Guides

This section classifies articles based on your business or technical needs.

## Guides for Business Users

  • Get an overview of the <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/discovery-navigation" target="_blank"> Discovery Dashboard </a>

  • Learn <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/search-quality" target="_blank">how Discovery Search engine works </a>

  • Understand how Discovery sees product <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/search-recall" target="_blank"> recall </a> and <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/search-ranking" target="_blank"> ranking </a>

  • Fine tune search results with<a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/product-grid-merchandising-1" target="_blank"> Product-grid merchandising </a>

  • Enrich product search results with intuitive <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/recommendations" target="_blank"> Recommendations </a> and <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/pathways" target="_blank"> Pathways </a>

  • Target the most profitable search keywords with <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/thematic-pages" target="_blank"> SEO </a>

  • Get actionable insights into customers' behavior with <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/insights" target="_blank"> Insights </a> and <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/analytics" target="_blank"> Analytics </a>

## Guides for Developers

  • Get a quick look at all Developer resources at <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/developers-overview" target="_blank">Developers Overview</a>

  • Capture customers' activity on your site with <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/pixel-overview" target="_blank"> Pixel </a>

  • Get to know the <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/reference/introduction" target="_blank"> Discovery APIs </a>

  • Send your product data to Bloomreach with <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/reference/api-based-catalog-data-management" target="_blank"> API Based Catalog Data Management </a>

  • Check out <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/reference/bloomreach-discovery-sdk" target="_blank"> Bloomreach SDK</a> that simplifies your integration experience.

To integrate Discovery with your site, follow this <a href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/getting-started" target="_blank"> guide</a> that sums up our integration milestones.

# Integrations - Discovery Connectors

Learn more about the ease of integrating Discovery with popular platforms and frameworks.

  • <a target="_blank" href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/shopify-app-user-guide">Shopify connector</a>

  • <a target="_blank" href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/bigcommerce-app-user-guide">BigCommerce connector</a>

  • <a target="_blank" href="https://documentation.bloomreach.com/discovery/docs/magento-user-guide">Magento connector</a>

Check out our additional resources

  • Get the best out of what Discovery has to offer with <a target="_blank" href="https://academy.bloomreach.com/page/discovery-pillar">Bloomreach Academy</a> courses.

  • Explore the <a target="_blank" href="https://www.bloomreach.com/en/blog">Bloomreach Blog</a> to learn about the latest eCommerce trends, insights, and Discovery customer success stories.

  • Check out the latest updates and improvements in the Discovery documentation [here](🔗).

Feeling stuck? [Bloomreach Support](🔗) team is always ready to assist you with a wide scope of issues. Visit [this](🔗) article to learn about the tasks Support team can help you with.