## 💡 Prerequisite knowledge

We recommend that you review the following guide:

  • [Multi-language Support](🔗): This guide introduces you to the Multi-language support functionality provided by Bloomreach. It also lists the 34 major languages that we support.

## **Arabic Support Overview**

Bloomreach empowers you with multilingual support functionality to create product search experiences in the Arabic language for your shoppers in the Middle East.

## ** Arabic Language-Specific Details**

  1. The Discovery dashboard aligns text to the left. Here is an example.


  1. Synonyms are rendered the same way we generate them for English. i.e. **term → synonym**. Here is an example.


  1. Attributes sent in the feed should be in English, but attribute values can be in Arabic text. Here is a feed sample:

  1. `price` and `product_id` fields only support western number format, i.e. 123, etc. If you’d like to send the Arabic or eastern number format for `price` and `product_id`, please get in touch with our Technical services team.

## **Frequently Asked Questions**

  1. **Is this functionality available for Feed-based Data Delivery customers?** This feature is only available for API-based Data Delivery customers. This is available on Catalog Management.

  2. **Does Bloomreach remove all diacritics? ** Yes, we remove all diacritics, including accents, umlauts, Arabic short vowels, and punctuation within words. It is similar to how we normalize data for other languages.

  • **When sending feed data**: We index accented characters without accent marks.

  • **When querying with accented keywords**: Our system normalizes the query before processing.