Search Query Processing: Autocorrect

Autocorrect and Did You Mean

A search request returns the autoCorrectQuery field when Bloomreach automatically corrects your customer's query. Autocorrect is triggered when the original query has 0 results and there's a query with similar text that does have results. You can display an indicator on the search results page when a query was autocorrected.

You can also use the did_you_mean field to ask customers if they meant a different query from the one they entered. The did_you_mean field is similar to autoCorrectQuery except it displays a list of related queries rather than automatically changing the query.

Example request and response

GET https://
account_id=<Bloomreach Provided Account ID>
  "response": {
    "numFound": 23141,
    "start": 0,
    "docs": [
  "facet_counts": {
  "autoCorrectQuery": "black", //Query "blkca" was autocorrected to "black"
  "did_you_mean": [ //Similar queries
  "category_map": {
  "sort_fields": [