The following example request has a response with 10 products returned on the first page of results, and each page thereafter has another 10 products.

account_id=<Bloomreach Provided Account ID>

The numFound field in the response tells you how many products fit the search criteria. You can use this information to determine how many pages are needed to display the search results. In the example, there are 571 products returned, and each results page shows 10 of them at a time. That means that your customers need to open 58 pages to see all of the products that fit their search queries:

You can configure this pagination with the start and rows parameters in the request. To set the number of products on the page to 20, change the rows parameter to 20:


Now your users see 20 products per page. They need to open 29 pages to see all of the 571 products fitting their search criteria.

To retrieve the next page of 20 results, update the value of the start parameter to the position of the first element of that page. In this example, that position is 20 given that start begins at position 0: