Thematic Pages

Thematic Pages

Thematic Pages are highly curated landing pages that are similar to category pages. There are two ways in which the Thematic Pages can be created: automatically by Bloomreach based on the demand identified by our algorithm or manually by you. 

Whether automatically or manually created, Thematic Pages can be managed end-to-end via the Thematic Pages Tool. Thematic Pages are uniquely created and will not duplicate category pages that already exist on your site.

They are designed to contain rich and relevant content, focusing on long-tail themes with products matched through Bloomreach’s matching technology.

A long-tail theme or category is a very specific set of products. For example, a category called Cutting Tools contains a variety of products like scissors and rotary cutters. A long-tailed version of such a category page might contain only scissors for left-handed people, such as left-handed pinking shears and left-handed craft scissors.  


SEO does not support multi-view / multi-site. For different sites to be set up, each site has to be configured as an individual account. This implies that pixels and data feeds must be deployed for every unique URL/domain.

Launching Bloomreach Generated Pages

There are two ways in which the Bloomreach generated Thematic Pages are launched. They are given below:

  • Auto Launch Mode --> If you are on Auto Launch Mode, once Thematic Pages are passed by our manual QA process, the pages are automatically launched to your site.
  • Manual Launch Mode --> If you are on Manual Launch Mode, once Thematic Pages are passed by our manual QA process, they are added to the Suggested Pages queue and must be reviewed by you before they can go live.  

Thematic Pages Tool

The Thematic Pages Tool allows to you view, create, and edit your Thematic Pages with a full range of merchandising options in the Dashboard. Additionally, you can add content to your Thematic Pages, such as banners or blocks of text.

With the Thematic Pages Tool, you will be able to:

  • Manage all auto-generated pages
  • Generate new pages in real time
  • Merchandise new and auto-generated pages by:
    • Adding and removing products
    • Boosting and burying products based on attributes
    • Locking products in a specific location on the Product Grid
    • Adding unique content to the pages via the Content Editor.


You can read about the full Merchandising capabilities in the Product Grid Merchandising section.

How Thematic Pages Work (Quality Filters)

Bloomreach maintains a dictionary of products and attributes to identify and validate potential themes. Attributes are product-specific keywords. For example, the dictionary associates “dress” with “lace” or “sequin”, so Bloomreach can automatically generate Thematic Pages for “lace dress” or “sequin dress”.

Thematic Pages are refined by various quality filters, and will not be indexed if they fail to pass any of the quality filters. These are explained below:

  • Minimum # of products - Each Thematic Page must have 4 or more matching products.
  • Deduplication filters - The Bloomreach algorithm checks for duplication based on the following filters:
    • Duplicates to existing category pages
    • Similar theme name with another Thematic Page
    • Minimal overlap in products with another Thematic Page
  • Refreshed daily - Thematic Pages are refreshed daily, out of stock products are removed, new in stock products are added if they match the theme, and prices are updated.
  • Self-retiring - Thematic Pages must pass the quality filters again when the product set changes, and will automatically become noindex if they fail.

In addition to the above quality filters, Bloomreach manually performs a quality check on the theme name and product set before launching each Thematic Page. You can also enable Manual Launch Mode if you want to review your Thematic Pages after Bloomreach QA team verifies it. 

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