What is Bloomreach Discovery?

Explore Bloomreach Discovery features that empower you to create a seamless, relevant, and personalized product discovery experience for your customers.

Bloomreach Discovery is a SaaS-based product discovery platform that helps you curate relevant, intelligent, and efficient digital search experiences so that your customers find the right products at the right time with maximum ease.

Discovery equips you with real-time data and actionable customer behavior insights that help you fine-tune your customers' search experiences to their preferences.

Discovery Features Overview


Bloomreach Discovery Tool Set

Help your customers find the products they’re looking for with an AI-Driven Search Engine coupled with a powerful and intuitive merchandising dashboard.

Deliver a seamless search experience that matches your customers’ preferences with intelligent, accurate, and personalized Recommendations widgets and marketing pages that let you cross-sell, upsell and feature relevant products.

Drive high-quality organic traffic to your site and boost your product discoverability with rich, relevant, and crawler-friendly product content for mid and long-tail search queries.

Discover new conversion opportunities and understand your customers’ journey, preferences, and behavior with advanced Insights and Analytics.

Create, test, track and implement customized and personalized shopper experiences for unique Audience segments by leveraging the customer learnings from our commerce-specific algorithms.


Discovery Integration

Follow this guide to integrate Bloomreach Discovery with your site.