Bloomreach Search and Merchandising

Learn more about how Bloomreach delivers a sophisticated search and product discovery experience for your customers.

What is Bloomreach Search and Merchandising?

Bloomreach Search and Merchandising is a unique product discovery platform that combines AI-driven Site Search with powerful Merchandising tools to help you create a seamless and personalized end user digital experience across all your buyer channels like web, mobile, and apps.

What does Bloomreach Search and Merchandising do for your business?

In the simplest, most direct terms: Bloomreach Search and Merchandising increases your site traffic, revenue, and conversion rates by:

  • Providing optimized search results that can be applied to various segments and user contexts
  • Creating a truly personalized experience on your Search typeahead, landing pages, and marketing pages
  • Helping your customers find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently 
  • Fetching precise results that match your customers’ real search intent

It captures the collective intelligence of your site and the web across devices to create engaging and customized experiences for your customers. 

Search and Merchandising brings together people, data, demand, and your content to help your shoppers find the products that they want with ease. This leads to faster and recurring conversions. 

How Search and Merchandising optimizes product search

Bloomreach Search and Merchandising leverages special algorithms to control product ranking and recall.

Here are some of the key factors used to determine the order of products in your customers' search results:

  • Semantic relevance: Query to product match
    Bloomreach extracts valuable information from the query, like the type of product and the user's intent.
    Eg. A search for "storage desk" would return desks (product type) that have special storage features like cabinets and drawers (user intent).
  • Product performance: click-through rate, add-to-cart rate, revenue per visit
    Bloomreach uses a multitude of signals to arrive at a blended performance score for each product in your catalog.
    These signals include but are not limited to, product views, revenue, conversions, and Add-to-Cart rate.
  • Personalization: user preferences for brand, gender, price range, and discounts
    Bloomreach uses different signals to deliver personalized results including users' brand affinity, gender, price ranges, and discounts.

With Bloomreach Search and Merchandising, you get curation tools to take fast strategic actions like boosting promotional products and burying low-margin products. You can choose to boost or bury a specific product or many products according to their attributes. 

How Personalization helps you deliver a better customer experience

Consider your own experience of visiting an online store with the intent of buying something specific. When you searched, the site gave you irrelevant results or no results at all. Since you didn’t get what you wanted, you leave the site dissatisfied.

Here's where Bloomreach Search and Merchandising comes in. Your site is not going to be that site with irrelevant search results or that site that overwhelms you with choices and no good ways of narrowing the results. 

Search and Merchandising increases your conversions by showing your customers the products they're most likely to buy. 

It does so automatically, and constantly gets even better as it learns your shoppers' affinities in real-time and adjusts the results accordingly.