Dynamic Categories

What are Dynamic Categories

From promotional landing pages to seasonal push campaigns, merchandisers often need to create special product assortments for various use cases. This process can often get tedious and time-consuming, as you might have to manually go through all products and curate the right ones.

The Dynamic Categories feature allows you to create new product categories effortlessly based on pre-defined conditions or by manual selection.

Dynamic Categories are user-generated categories that integrate into your product catalog. You can control what products are assigned to the Dynamic Categories or let them update dynamically based on the rules that define them, saving you time and effort.

Use Case Example

Let's say your merchandising team wants to create a new Category for the products you wish to include in your 'Valentine’s Day Gifts' campaign. For a product to qualify for this category, you defined some rules: 1) Its color must be red, 2) It should be from the existing “Gifts” category, and additionally, 3) Its price should be lower than $25.

You can create a Dynamic category with the following product rules, and any new product variants that follow these rules will be automatically added to this category, keeping the category updated. This is especially valuable during the peak shopping seasons when you want to prioritize some products for a festive sale.

You can further merchandise these product collections to meet your e-commerce objectives. All Bloomreach merchandising features work on Dynamic Categories (Support for Cloning Configurations coming soon).

Through Dynamic Categories, we are giving Merchandisers more freedom and control over their product categories. This allows them to create and manage new categories independently of tedious internal processes and the involvement of developers.

Business Benefits of Dynamic Categories

  1. Real-Time Updates: Dynamic Categories created through conditional rules reflect real-time changes in products. As soon as a product meets the specified conditions or attribute value criteria, it is instantly added to the assortment. This ensures that the category is always up-to-date with the latest offerings, saving you time.

  2. Build Versatile Categories: Dynamic Categories cater to all your business objectives and needs, as they can have products from multiple different categories. Create categories for seasonal campaigns to dedicated brand collaboration products, the possibilities are endless!

  3. Improved Customer Experience: Creating Merchandising rules on Dynamic Categories allows you to adapt the categories on the fly based on your users’ searches and interactions. Shoppers get to choose from a dedicated category of product assortments based on certain themes rather than products bound by the category hierarchy.