Multi-language site integration

We currently support 34 major languages. If you have a specific language you're interested in, let your Bloomreach representative know so we can add it to our roadmap. Find the complete list of supported languages in the Multi-language support page .

To support your multi-language site, your Bloomreach representative helps you with product feeds and domain keys. Each of your site's supported languages needs its own product feed and domain key.


Do I need different account IDs, too?

Your account ID remains the same across all languages on your site.

Domain keys

Bloomreach treats each language as a separate catalog identified with a domain key. Your Bloomreach representative provides the values you need for each catalog's domain_key parameter. Pass the domain_key value for the appropriate language in all pixel fires and API calls.


Is the domain_key required for the pixel?

The domain_key parameter is required for pixel fires on multi-language sites. If you only support one language on your site, then the domain_key parameter is optional for pixel fires.

A domain key identifies the specific version of a site when one account ID hosts multiple site versions with unique characteristics, including languages. Bloomreach uses your domain_key parameter value to ensure that only query and analytics data pertaining a particular site version are used for Bloomreach features.

Product feed

Generate a separate product feed for each language. Include all the product information in your complete product feed. This information differs for optional delta feeds.

Full feedDelta feed
Products to includeAllProducts with updates OR
Subset with or without updates
Fields to includeAll fieldsSubset of fields OR
All fields
Update pricesβœ…βœ…
Mark products OOSβœ…βœ…
Mark products absent from feed OOSβœ…βŒ
Add new productsβœ…βœ…


account_id=<Bloomreach Provided Account ID>

Example supports both English and French on their live site. Bloomreach provides them two domain_key values:

  • example_com
  • example_com_FR

When Mei visits the English version of their site, all the pixel and API calls include the following domain key: domain_key=example_com

When RenΓ© visits the French version of example's site, the domain key looks like this: domain_key=example_com_FR

Example also generates two full product feeds everyday, one with English data and the other with French data. Bloomreach processes these feeds into their respective catalogs. English data is used for any API call that includes the example_com domain key, and French data is used for example_com_FR calls.

Similarly, example also generates two hourly delta feeds, one for English and one for French.