Good Practice Segmentations

What are Good Practice Segmentations

Every business is unique and so is its customer base. To tailor the search experiences for your different shoppers, it’s essential that you understand what they truly want and deliver product results that fit these desires.

A value-driven segmentation strategy helps build the foundation for a personalized search experience. You can harness the behavioral insights of your shoppers, analyze their purchase patterns, and use this data to shape the most successful segments.

Bloomreach facilitates your segmentation strategy with Good Practice Segmentations. Good Practice Segmentations comprise pre-defined segments that represent diverse customer profiles within your business.

Each Good Practice Segmentation comes with 3 (or more) suggested segments that represent your customer base. You can choose from the segmentations based on your industry, brand guidelines, and unique customer profiles.

Why are Good Practice Segmentations Valuable

Good Practice Segmentations bring twin benefits

  • For your Business: You are empowered to deliver a strategic search experience that targets the best-performing segments with relevant products that shoppers want. This helps in boosting your sales and conversions.

  • For your Shoppers: A timely, relevant, and contextual experience makes shoppers feel truly understood and valued, which, in turn, improves customer loyalty and satisfaction.

How to choose and use a Good Practice Segmentation

To maximize your results with Discovery Real-Time Segments, we recommend that you choose a Good Practice Segmentation as per your use case. If you have a thorough understanding of your customer base, you can simply choose a segmentation that fits your brand and launch the use case with Bloomreach Engagement’s Plug and Play feature.


Strategically evaluate the chosen segmentation (based on your brand’s market research) for optimal results.

We have thoughtfully compiled the below segmentations based on the newest trends in the Fashion industry. These segmentations can also be considered as a starting point for other segmentations that you might want to build iteratively.

Segmentations for Fashion Brands