Arabic Language Support

💡 Prerequisite knowledge

We recommend that you review the following guide:

  • Multi-language Support: This guide introduces you to the Multi-language support functionality provided by Bloomreach. It also lists the 34 major languages that we support.

Arabic Support Overview

Bloomreach empowers you with multilingual support functionality to create product search experiences in the Arabic language for your shoppers in the Middle East.

Arabic Language-Specific Details

  1. The Discovery dashboard aligns text to the left. Here is an example.
  1. Synonyms are rendered the same way we generate them for English. i.e. term → synonym. Here is an example.
  1. Attributes sent in the feed should be in English, but attribute values can be in Arabic text. Here is a feed sample:
"attributes": {
  "title": "سجادة دوفرين",
  "keywords": ["بساط" ,"صلب" ,"صوف"],
  "description": "مستوحاة من الأناقة الخالدة والبناء البارع لسجاد المنطقة العتيقة ، فإن مجموعة رالف لورين Dufrene معقودة يدويًا بخبرة من مزيج من خيوط الصوف والحرير الناعم. يضفي الحد الهندسي القابل للتمرير تباينًا دقيقًا مع الوبر الناعم بينما توفر الحواف المربوطة يدويًا لمسة نهائية نظيفة ومتانة دائمة.",
  "availability_status": "في الأوراق المالية",
  "brand": "Homeoasis",
  "searchableFlag": "Yes",
  "OnSale": "No"
  1. price and product_id fields only support western number format, i.e. 123, etc. If you’d like to send the Arabic or eastern number format for price and product_id, please get in touch with our Technical services team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this functionality available for Feed-based Data Delivery customers?
    This feature is only available for API-based Data Delivery customers. This is available on Catalog Management.

  2. Does Bloomreach remove all diacritics?
    Yes, we remove all diacritics, including accents, umlauts, Arabic short vowels, and punctuation within words. It is similar to how we normalize data for other languages.

  • When sending feed data: We index accented characters without accent marks.
  • When querying with accented keywords: Our system normalizes the query before processing.