Performance Test Environment

This guide introduces you to Bloomreach's dedicated Performance Test Environment.

💡Prerequisite knowledge

We recommend that you review the following guide:

  • Environment Details: This guide informs you about the Performance Packages available for your testing needs.

What is the Performance Test Environment

Performance Test Environment is a dedicated setup created for a customer for load/performance testing. It is separate from Production/Staging and has a unique endpoint. You can use this testing environment to ensure the optimal performance of your systems.

This dedicated setup enables you to:

  • Run load tests to analyze the impact of increased traffic on your website.
  • Run performance test to assess the impact of major changes.

Environment Features

Feed and other configurations

You can choose your Staging or Production account to replicate feed data and other configurations (including Dashboard and CMS configurations). Currently, this environment does not support testing with a separate feed.

  • All configurations ( Dashboard, CMS ) sync similar to the Production or Staging environment.
  • The feed is replicated from Staging or Production to the performance environment weekly on Mondays.
    Please get in touch with Bloomreach Support if you’d like the feed to be replicated mid-week or any other time.


You can choose the required QPS data for testing in this environment.

  • Please Note: If you wish to test with a different QPS during the course of your testing using the performance environment, then a separate endpoint will be created for each QPS request. For example, we will create two separate endpoints if you request 100 QPS this month and 300 QPS for next month.


  • Pixel data is not currently included in the Performance Test Environment.
  • You can decide to fire a pixel to Bloomreach while performing the load test. We recommend not firing the pixel since the load test can affect real customer data.


Supported Discovery Features

Please note that Search, Category, and Autosuggest are supported for the Performance Test Environment. We do not support dedicated setup requests for Content Search and Recommendations.

Environment Setup: Timelines to Note

  • You must provide a start date and end date for the test. The Performance Test Environment endpoint will be created 1 day before the test start date and terminated 1 day after the test end date.
  • We need 1 week’s notice to create a Performance Test Environment.
  • If you’d like to request a change in dates, it needs to be requested before the original start date.

Details Needed to Set up the Environment

To create a dedicated Performance Test Environment, we need some mandatory information from your end.

  1. The Max QPS data you wish to test on the dedicated performance setup.
    E.g., 200 QPS for a week, 400 QPS from 10th Dec to 15th Dec, etc. You must also provide the Search QPS and Autosuggest QPS.

  2. The duration of the test.
    This includes the following:
    a. Duration (in weeks, days, months, year)
    b. Start Date for the test
    c. End Date for the test

  3. The account you want us to use for creating the Performance Test Environment - Production or Staging.

  4. The domain_keys that you would use for testing.
    E.g., it is customernameproduction_com, etc.
    Note: Only the configured domain_keys can be used to perform tests.

  5. [Optional] A sample API request that you’ll use for the test.

After the Environment is Created

  • Once the dedicated test environment is created, you’ll be provided with a separate URL for the test. It will be of the format <numeric-value>
  • The environment will only support up to the requested QPS.
  • A slight discrepancy in latency is expected in the Performance Test Environment as compared to production, as there is no live traffic data.