Bulk Selection Sequence

The selection sequence represents the order that products were selected in, and is also used as the order that bulk operations are applied in.

Selection Sequence

After selecting a product, a number appears above the product to represent the selection sequence. For example, the product with “1” above is the first product selected, the product with “2” above is the second product selected, etc.

Every product you select will be placed at the end of the current selection sequence. For example, if you had 3 products selected then select another product, that product will be 4th in the sequence.

Rearrange the Selection Sequence

To rearrange the selection, select the eyeball icon between the Bulk Operation dropdown menu and the Apply button.

This shows the Rearrange selection sequence menu, where you can drag and drop products to rearrange their order in the selection sequence before you proceed to apply the operation.

To update the selection sequence, select Update at the bottom of the menu.

In the screenshot below, the selection order has been rearranged from 1234 to 3142 (from left to right).

Unselected Products

If products are unselected, the selection sequence will be updated automatically. Products that were after the unselected product will be moved up in the selection sequence. 

For example, suppose your current selection sequence is 3214, as in the screenshot below.

If you unselect product 2, then product 3 and 4 will be updated to 2 and 3 respectively. Since product 1 is earlier in the sequence than product 2, it is unaffected.

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