Activity Tracking allows you to annotate the changes you make to your site, and evaluate pre/post-impact. While A/B Testing is a rigorous method of evaluating impact, you may not always be able able to perform A/B Testing. In such cases, Activity Tracking is a good alternative to know about pre/post-impact. 


The following types of reports are displayed in the Activities section of the Insights Dashboard:

Activity Details

You can also view the details of each of the activities :

  1. Go to the Dashboard and click Activities.
  2. Click on the Activity Name of the activity you wish to see the details of. The Activity Details page is displayed for that activity as shown below:

Activity Metrics for Multi-Site Accounts

The Activity metrics is optimized to allow managing multi-site accounts such that the activities created at child level can be viewed at the parent level but the activities created at the parent level will not be visible at the child or sibling level. 

Consider a multi-level account in the Bloomreach dashboard where the sites are configured as follows: 

The Activities metrics accessibility is applicable as follows:

Activities created at Level n + 1 will not be visible at Level n + 2 and its siblings at Level n + 1.This implies that activities created at the site level Europe (L1) will not be visible in the dashboard for countries like Germany (L2) or at its siblings like North America.
Activities created at Level n + 1 will be visible at Level n, Level n - 1 and so on.This implies that all activities created at subsite levels such as Germany (L2) or Europe (L1) can be viewed at the parent account level (L0)
Activity metrics for an activity will always remain constant.Assume an activity A is created at Level n + 1; the metrics of activity A viewed at Level n will be the same as activity A viewed at Level n + 1. 

For example, activity created at Germany site level, will generate the activity metrics for Germany site only, but the same metrics and activity (for Germany site) can be viewed at its parent level as well.