Pathways use the Bloomreach Intelligent Index to drive definite business goals. These pathways widgets can be placed on any page on your website and can be custom created to bring the attention of your customers to the desired products to allow the maximum focus on specific business goals like brand promotion, margins, sales/campaigns etc

Independently curated widgets

Pathways allow business users to create and curate product widgets powered by the Bloomreach Intelligent Index without affecting your Site Search or Merchandising behaviour. Users can create and use widgets for various use cases, including the following:

Widget typeDescription
New ArrivalsHighlight new arrivals
Brand HighlightPromote products of a specific brand, such as your own or a sponsored brand
Excess InventoryPromote products that need to be moved quickly due to excess inventory
On SaleHighlight products that are on sale
Recipe pagesFor food recipes, displays products that are ingredients to that recipe
Curated widgetDisplay a custom group of products, manually selected
Category widgetDisplay a given category of products

This image below illustrates an in-house brand widget being used on a search result page: 

Below is another use case of a Pathways widget where it is used on a DIY/ideas page or a landing page. 


How to Create these Experiences

To create the above experience, you can check out the following links: