Discovery Dashboard Details

This guide provides a breakdown of the Discovery dashboard navigation structure.

Navigation Structure (Discovery)


Discovery Dashboard

The navigation details under each of the Dashboard icons for the Discovery dashboard are below:

Search & Merchandising

This section provides you with the merchandising tools to create, view, modify, and launch Search and Category ranking rules.



This area shows the Thematic Pages tool to help you view, create, edit, and manage your Thematic Pages.

Pathways & Recommendations

This area provides you with the capability of configuring widgets.


You can view reports and actionable data in this section to understand how your customers behave on your website.


This area will show all the Bloomreach Search and Merchandising A/B tests that are running. You can view the test results and decide to end or keep them going.

Merchandising audiences

Use this function to define and target merchandising strategies to specific user segments.


You can use this section to:

Navigation LabelItems
brSM global configurations - Global ranking rule
- Global facet management
- Product grid settings
- API modifier
- Cloning configurations
User management
DevStudio -Account information
-Pixel monitor

- Feed
- Configuration
- Status

-API explorer
Legacy reports - Account overview
- Account traffic breakdown
Catalog management

Algorithm Customizations

This section allows you to configure personalized search results in real-time and manage the algorithm settings directly from the Discovery dashboard.


This section allows you to access Support portal, Bloomreach Academy, and the product documentation at any time.


User account

Navigation Item: Logout

Use this section to log out from the Discovery dashboard.