Previewing changes in facet management

What are the advantages of previewing changes?

Previewing changes made gives users a sense of security that the changes aren't going to break a site. Our preview feature contains a rich and robust user interface, which allows users to visualize the breadth and depth of changes they've made. Utilizing the preview feature is a good way to visualize the changes before committing them to the live site. With our preview modal, users can preview changes made in the ranking editor and any changes made to facets.

What can I preview changes for?

Currently, users can preview changes made to the ranking of products, changes made to ranking in an AB test, and changes made to facets.


Previewing facet changes

Merchandising changes often impact the facets displayed. You can preview such implicit facet changes for an AB test.

How do I preview the variants in an A/B test?

Before you set up a test (and even after a test has been activated), you can preview the different variants that were set up. You can preview one variant or choose a side-by-side preview to look at the differences between the two (or more) variants.

Users can see the changes to product ranking in the product cards. A boost in product ranking is denoted by a green label and includes the number of positions that the product has moved up. For example, ↑21 means a product has moved up 21 positions from the previous ranking. A drop in product ranking is denoted by an orange label. For example, ↓15 means a product has moved down 15 positions from the previous ranking.

What other features are available within preview?

Search by Product or Category ID

Under the Preview Settings, you can search by a specific Product ID or Category ID to see if a specific product or products from a specific category is present, after the changes you have made.

Choose what product information to display

You can choose what product information you want to display on the product cards. By default, all product information (ID, brand, RPV, ATC and visits) are displayed.

How do I preview changes made in facets?

Under the Side-by-Side Preview, users are able to click on the funnel icon to see what facets are available for each test bucket. On one side, the user is able to see changes in facet against the other side (any additional facet values added or facet values removed). If you are making changes to facets on a given search or category page, simply navigate to Single Preview and click on the funnel there to see what the facets look like for that page.