Sequential Locking Products

This guide gives an overview of the Sequential Lock operation.

💡 Prerequisite Knowledge

We recommend that you read the following guides:

  • Product Grid Editor: This will help you understand the interface of the Product Grid Editor used to merchandise search results. You’ll be using the same editor to implement the Add to Recall operation.

  • Boost and position lock your first product: This guide gives an overview of the process of creating a ranking rule. This will provide you with the necessary background for combining Sequential Lock with other operations.

What is Sequential Lock operation

Bloomreach ensures a relevant search experience for your customers by recalling the most accurate product results. Our algorithms optimize the ranking and recall of products continuously. However, you might want to curate the recall as per your merchandising needs.

Sequential Lock operation allows you to tailor your product grid experiences in a way that elevates the look and feel of your Category pages. With this operation, you can sequentially define the position of a range of products in the product grid.

Sequential Lock operation empowers you to create an aesthetically appealing Category (or Search) browsing experience where every product is strategically placed as per your campaign goals.

The products outside the Sequential lock range can be ranked algorithmically or boosted/buried as per your choice. This brings you the best of both worlds — flexible merchandising curation for eye-catching product displays and self-learning algorithm ranking that targets your business KPIs.

Feature Scope

This feature powers Search and Category pages and Search and Category Widget types.

Curating Pages with Sequential Lock

Curated pages can serve as a powerful merchandising strategy for your business to provide an effective shopping experience through engaging and versatile pages. By thoughtfully curating products to create a themed collection page or a targeted campaign page, you can create a much more immersive experience, and build brand loyalty and establish a connection with your customers.

You can also increase your up-sells and cross-sells by grouping complementary products together, guiding customers towards additional purchases. This not only increases the average order value but also presents the customers with more options and other relevant products.

Visit this guide to learn the workflow of building Curated Pages with Sequential Lock.