Global level Product Card Customization

This guide illustrates how to customize the global display settings of product cards.

💡 Prerequisite knowledge

We recommend that you review the following guide:

Configuring Global Product Card Attributes & Metrics

Follow the steps provided below to change the global product card data display settings.

Step 1. Choose a suitable level

Before changing the global product card settings, decide what level you want to make these changes at:

  • Account level: Product card settings will be altered for all rules set at the Account level.
  • Site Group level: Product card settings will be altered for all rules set at the Site Group level.
  • Site level (Site Global): Product card settings will be altered for all rules within that specific Site.

After making the appropriate selection, move ahead to the next step.

Step 2. Navigate to Product grid settings

  1. Go to Setup → brSM global configurations → Product grid settings
  1. This opens up the Product grid settings feature section.

Step 3. Configure Product card display settings

The Product card data display module is divided into three sections:

  • A. Selection Panel: The first section lists the Metrics and Attributes available for selection. Tick the checkboxes to select the desired data points. You can also use the search bar to find any metric/attribute quickly.
    You can select up to 15 data points at a time. If you’ve already selected 15 values and wish to add another value, you’ll need to uncheck any of the already selected values.

The following table lists and describes the available data points:

Data point Description Available Data
Default Metrics These include the data that we have about a product on the account level.
  • Add To Cart Rate (ATC)
  • Conversion Rate (CR)
  • Revenue Per Visit (RPV)

    (These metrics will be shown for the duration of the last 30 days)

Product Attributes These attributes and attribute values are from all the catalogs within the account. Color, Inventory, Margin, Currency, Gender, etc.
  • B. Selected values Panel: The second section shows the selected data points. Please note that the first four values will be visible on the product card. Other chosen values will be visible when you click the “View more" option on the product card.

    To reorder the metrics/attributes, simply hold on to the drag function and sort the values as you like.


To remove any metric/attribute, click the "" function.

  • C. Product card Preview Panel: The third section shows how the product card appears with the selected values in real time.

Step 4. Save or Reset Changes

  • If you’re satisfied with the product card customizations, click the “Save” button. These will become the universal product card display settings across all rules.

  • If you wish to restore the product card settings to the last saved version, click “Reset product card data.”
    When you make any changes for the first time, this option will reset the product card settings to selected SATC, SRPV, and SCR metrics.

Step 5. View data in product cards

After saving changes, you can see the chosen product grid display settings on the Visual Editor. On clicking “View more,” you can view the extended product details with all the attributes and metrics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the criteria that determines which attributes will be displayed for selection on Product Grid Settings?

    Not all attributes that are part of the product catalog will be available for selection. Only parent-level product attributes with the following configuration will be displayed on the Product Grid Settings:


    You can use the Attributes tab in Catalog Management UI to specify this configuration. Once the configuration is set, then the product attributes will be available for selection on the Product Grid Settings. Additionally, the attribute “description” will not be available for selection.

⚡ Coming Up

The following components will be available in the third feature iteration:

  1. Sitewide metrics for a product will be launched. These sitewide metrics will include all the 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day metrics for ATC, CR, Clicks, Revenue, and RPV.
  2. Page-level metrics for a product will be available on the product card.