Visual Recommendations

This is a specific enhancement to the Visual Search feature to support Visual Recommendations on a Product Display Page (PDP).

Visual Recommendations on a PDP

Visual Recommendations allow you to build use cases where shoppers can click on different products in a display image and get visually similar products as Recommendations to 'complete their look' or find more options.

Let us consider that a Product display image shows multiple products, as in the example shown below. The shopper can click on any of those products to view visually similar products.

If they click on the top in the image, they will get similar tops recommended to them:

Similarly, if they click on the shorts in the image, they will get similar shorts recommended to them:

Visual Recommendations via API

For Visual Recommendations, you do not have to call the upload API. Instead, the image and its URL are sent in the feed along with a specific combination of the item_id and sku_id parameters.

Check out more details on using the Visual Recommendations functionality through the Visual Search API.


The Visual Recommendations functionality will also be available in the Dashboard from April 2024.