Best Practices for Synonyms

We recommend these best practices when working with synonyms.

Prevent search performance issues

Only disable an automatically generated synonym rule if there's a clear issue directly tied to it. Disabling automatically generated synonyms reduces the types of products that match the terms, which can cause issues with search performance.

Upload synonym rules in bulk

If you have multiple one-way synonym rules, we suggest using the Import feature to upload a file of them in bulk. This is generally faster and more accurate than adding synonym rules one at a time.

Don't use quotes

Even if a synonym is a phrase, don't wrap the terms in quotes.




copper pipe

"copper pipe"

Capitalization is irrelevant

Bloomreach doesn't consider capitalization when triggering synonym rules. You don't need to create synonym rules for lowercase, capital, nor title capital versions of the same synonyms. For example, all of the following rules work exactly the same:

sofa => couch

Sofa => couch

soFa => COUCH

Just use one version of the rule.