Keyword Redirects

This guide discusses keyword redirects and how they're useful for redirecting customers to a specific page of your choice.

What's a keyword redirect?

A keyword redirect changes default search behavior by sending your site visitor to a particular page rather than a list of search results.

What's the purpose of a keyword redirect?

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By default, when your site's visitors enter search queries, Bloomreach shows them a list of results. Keyword redirect rules change this default behavior. You can define keyword-based rules to send your visitors to a particular page in response to certain search queries.



Consult with your Bloomreach representative for help with consuming the API response for keyword redirects.

For example, let's say that you have a category page for Betsey Johnson fashion jewelry. A customer enters this search query in your search field: 

teacup and top hat jewelry

The default behavior is to show your customer a search results page with products like necklaces with pendants that look like teacups and top hats. But a teacup and top hat jewelry search is fairly specific. Chances are good that someone looking for teacup and top hat jewelry is probably interested in Betsey Johnson's Wonderland line of fashion jewelry and accessories.

For this use case, you might decide to define keyword-based rules to send your customers to a particular page when they enter teacup and top hat jewelry in their search queries. You can redirect teacup and top hat jewelry search queries to your company's Betsey Johnson jewelry page.