Validating Pixels

Bloomreach offers a Chrome Plug-in Pixel Validator for download. The Pixel Validator helps you validate that the Bloomreach pixel is integrated correctly on your site. As you browse through various pages and trigger various events, each pixel will be recorded and the Pixel Validator will display the pixel’s status and all captured parameters.


The Pixel Validator primarily checks that the parameters that need to be populated are in fact populated; it does not verify that the values of these parameters are accurate.

  • Green indicates that the pixels captured are implemented correctly.
  • Yellow indicates that some parameters may be missing or have invalid values.
  • Red indicates that we are unable to validate the pixel parameters.
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How to use the validator

  • Turn on recording Click on the Bloomreach Validator Chrome Extension . Turn on recording by pressing the recording button on the top right.  .
    Start browsing your site to record pixel logs. When you visit a page or trigger an event, the Pixel Validator will record the BloomReach pixel on that page
  • Turn off recording Press the recording button to turn off the recording to clear the current session.