Profanity in search results

Unintentional profanity is unlikely

Bloomreach Personalization can only produce search results with profanity if that profanity is in your product catalog, categories, or content. All of these components are entirely in your control. The way that Bloomreach handles search queries makes a profanity filter unnecessary. We don't alter your product attributes, category names, or other content. 

Because your product catalog and similar components are completely in your control, only you can put profanity in your site's search results. 

Blocking products

Some merchants have profanity in their product catalog. For example, All Things is a large online retailer that sells a wide range of products, including music with explicit lyrics. Sometimes, the product descriptions for such music include profanity. All Things has business policies that don't permit its search results to include profanity.

To support these policies, All Things uses product blocking. Take a look at these articles for more information about blocking, including how to add products to a blocklist:


Autosuggest filters out queries that are misspelled or that have zero results. If your product catalog does not contain profanity, then your autosuggested queries can't contain profanity either.

Profanity can only appear in autosuggestions if you have profanity in your product catalog.

You can, however, create autosuggest exclusion rules to prevent profanity or other specific terms from suggesting queries: