SEO feature APIs

Here are the feature APIs that you need to deploy during your Bloomreach SEO integration:

  • Thematic API is for the Thematic Pages feature.
  • Widget API is for the Related Categories, Related Items and Related Products feature.


Deprecated Widget API Integration.

Before April 2018, the Widget API contained Related Searches and Related Products widgets. If you are still using these widgets, you can reference the deprecated Widget API.

What do these feature APIs do?

Thematic pages are customized landing pages that are similar to category pages. They’re created and launched by Bloomreach. These pages are focused on long-tail themes with products matched through Bloomreach’s matching technology. The Thematic API searches for products that fit a theme and creates a thematic page with those products.

Related Categories, Related Items and Related Products are widgets that you place on your mobile and desktop sites to enhance discoverability and user value. The widgets for Related Categories and Related Items optimize your link structure, and the widget for Related Products optimizes your page content. The Widget API uses one call to populate these widgets with search queries and products.