Site Crawl Content Search API [deprecated]

Site Crawl Content Search is based on parsing content from the merchant's site and returning search results based on the content we find on their websites through the crawl. The ranking is based purely on text-match. This kind of content is called unstructured content, and it doesn't adhere to a defined data model like your products do. Unlike feed-based content searches, crawl based content search queries don't rely on a feed.


Site Crawl Content Search is deprecated

We recommend you to move to Feed Based Content Search for algo based capabilities derived from inputs such as a structured content feed and user-behavior data tracked through the pixel. Talk to your Bloomreach representative about how to get you started with the latest Content Search.



Example request

&account_id=<Bloomreach Provided Account ID>
&q=cooking valencian paella


API requests should be limited to 16K Bytes. API requests above this length will throw Error Code 414 .

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