Postman Collections Welcome Kit

Postman Collections

Bloomreach provides a public Postman workspace that contains a Welcome Kit (DataConnect environment and collection) for all Catalog Management and Search and Merchandising APIs in order to make working with the APIs easier for developers.
This guide will help you configure and use it.


Before you Begin

It is recommended to go through the relevant API Reference to get familiar with the API before using the Postman Collections.

Forking the Collections

Look for the Run in Postman button on each of these APIs' landing page:

Alternatively, you can go to the Bloomreach public Postman workspace, select the relevant API, and use the Create a fork option.


Configuring the Environment

The Postman Collections include a Welcome Kit: DataConnect environment.
The only thing needed to use the Postman collection is to set up the following environment variables:

Environment VariableValue
hostIndexing Host
account_idYour Bloomreach provided account ID
domain_keyWhere this information will be stored on the backend represented with catalog name and language key
collectionContent Catalog
keyAn API key will be provided for each environment in your account. This access key must be placed in the Authorization header.
search_hostSearch Host
auto_suggest_hostAuto-suggest Host
urlThe absolute URL of the page where the request is initiated. Do not use a relative URL
ref_urlThe URL of the page or HTTP referrer where the request is started
br_uid_2The br_uid_2 cookie is a first-party cookie created by the Bloomreach tracking pixel library
request_idAn ID to track site visitor clicks. We recommend you generate unique random values of 13 digits to enable click-tracking