More Like This API (MLT) [deprecated]


The More Like This API is now part of the Recommendations and Pathways product and is no longer available for new integrations.

More Like This (MLT) extends search results to show visitors more products similar to a product that they already searched for or viewed. MLT displays products based on user searches, category searches, and product views. For example, if a user looks at a red cocktail dress, then MLT might display links to other cocktail dresses or matching shoes and other accessories.



Example request and response

account_id=<Bloomreach Provided Account ID>
&title=Boys Graphic Tee
 "response": {
   "numFound": 284,
   "start": 0,
   "docs": [
       "pid": "1000068980",
       "title": "Strapless Tea Length Lace Dress with Sweetheart Neckline"
       "pid": "1000063663",
       "title": "Sleeveless Short Prom Dress with Illusion Lace and Pleated Skirt"
       "pid": "1000065223",
       "title": "Short Lace Prom Dress with Pleated Illusion Neckline"
       "pid": "1000063668",
       "title": "Two Tone Short Prom Dress with Scalloped Lace Illusion Bodice"
       "pid": "1000064025",
       "title": "Glitter Short Prom Dress with Spaghetti Straps and Lace Waist"


API requests should be limited to 16K Bytes. API requests above this length will throw Error Code 414.

Native mobile app and non-JS integration

API requests for native mobile apps or non-JS environments need different values for some parameters:

  • _br_uid_2: The value should be the same as described on the Cookie page. Generate a br_uid_2 for your app user and store it in the app permanently if a br_uid_2 does not exist. This br_uid_2 should be used on the corresponding API calls for the app. If the user is on iPhone and resets their IDFA, or if the user is on an Android device and resets their advertising settings: the br_uid_2 should be erased and regenerated the next time the app is set.
  • ref_url: Leave your ref_url parameters empty.
  • url: Use a dummy value for your url parameters, such as
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