Bulk Operation

This guide discusses how you can apply merchandising operations on multiple items at the same time.

Bulk Operation allows you to perform various merchandising operations on multiple products at the same time in the Product Grid Editor.

With Bulk Operation, you can: 


Bulk Operation scope

Bulk Operation is available in the the Product Grid Editor, which can be accessed in the Dashboard in the follow locations:

  • Search & Merchandising → Site search→ Ranking rules
  • Search & Merchandising → Categories→ Ranking rules
  • Setup → Discovery global configurations → Global ranking rules
  • Pathways & RecommendationsWidget ConfiguratorManage Widget Query Settings (only for customers with Recommendations and Pathways)
  • SEO (only for customers with Thematic pages)


Note: This feature is not available for customers who are using "Boost & Lock" and is only available for customers who are using "Boost to Top".