Merchandising with Dynamic Categories

You can merchandise Dynamic Categories similar to how you merchandise native feed Categories. Follow the steps given below to edit a Dynamic Category ranking rule:

  1. Go to Search & Merchandising → Categories → All categories in the Bloomreach Dashboard.

  2. Find the Dynamic Category you want to merchandise by searching its ID/name. Dynamic Categories will have a green tag next to them.

    Note: Your Dynamic category will only show up in the “All categories” list when it has at least one product and has been indexed into the Catalog.

  3. Hover over the desired category and click “Edit ranking rule” on the right.

  4. The Product grid editor will open, where you can start applying merchandising operations/features to the products. You can start by boosting, burying, or locking the products.


    Merchandising Features

    All merchandising features available for native categories can be applied to Dynamic Categories as well. These include, but are not limited to:

  5. After making the customizations, review the changes in the Preview tab.

  6. If you’re satisfied with the changes, click on Save. The rule now appears on the Dynamic Categories Ranking Rules homepage. Copy and note the unique Dynamic Category ID for passing in the API call.


Global Ranking Rules Impact

Global Ranking and Global Category Ranking Rules will apply to the product ranking of Dynamic Categories. However, there will be no impact on the Dynamic Category creation process (no impact on the product recall), unless the Add to Recall operation is applied globally.

Inherited rules (from a higher site level) will also be applicable to the ranking of products in the Dynamic Category.

You can add additional ranking rules for your Dynamic Category by navigating to Search & Merchandising → Categories → Ranking rules and creating a new rule. Choose your desired Dynamic Category under the Category field.