To integrate the SKU Variants feature, changes must be made on the following integration components:

  • [**Product Data**](🔗)

  • **[API](🔗)**

## **Before you Begin**

Please review the steps below before you begin integration:

  • **Send SKU data at the variant level in your product data**

    • **Existing customers: **As an existing customer, you most likely have been using the SKU data rolled up in the product level attributes. If you have been sending your SKU data at the product level (as an array), you must send your SKU data at the variant level. See the example in the [Product Data page](🔗).

    • **New customers**: If you are a customer working with SKU data for the first time, ensure that you send SKU-level data in your product data.


  • **Select the default SKU for a specific product (Optional)** If you wish to promote a specific SKU, you can define a default SKU (up to 1 SKU per product) at the catalog level and send it to Bloomreach. Bloomreach will rank this SKU higher on search and category pages.  Read about how Bloomreach ranks the SKUs [here](🔗).   

  • **SKU attributes Configuration** Work with your Bloomreach representative to configure the SKU attributes.  

  • **Use SKU parameters in the API ** We support SKU faceting, filtering (fq) and retrievable on the API (fl) on both search and category API. Read more about the fq and fl parameters in the [API page](🔗).