# What is SmartSort feature

SmartSort feature ensures that when your shopper chooses to sort the product results, then:

  • Any noise in the recall set remains buried.

  • Only relevant products surface when the shopper applies a sort (e.g. sort results based on price low to high).

This feature comes with _sorting intelligence that surfaces a relevant sorted product set_ and keeps noisy products buried at the bottom of the results.

# How SmartSort works

When a customer searches for a product using a broad search query, the tail results can be more exhaustive and contain related products as well. Further, when a sort is applied to this result set, related products are also considered. SmartSort addresses this by intelligently surfacing only relevant products from the recall set based on user behavior.

For example, when a customer searches for “_printer_,” the result set contains all the products having the keyword "_printer_." Now, if the customer sorts the results using price from low-high, the results may show “printer cartridge,” “printer ink,” etc. first. With SmartSort, only the relevant products based on user behavior are displayed. Irrelevant results like “printer cartridge,” and “printer ink” will remain buried in the recall even after a sort is applied.

# How SmartSort benefits you

Shoppers often choose to sort the product search results to find the product they're looking for. With SmartSort, you can ensure your customers get only relevant search results after they sort them.

Such contextualized sorted recall enhances the relevance of your site search and makes it easier for the customers to find the desired product.

# Feature implementation

SmartSort is available for sorting search results with _price_ and _reviews_ only and is enabled by default.

  • Integrating customers: To disable SmartSort, you can speak to your TPM during the integration.

  • Existing customers: Please contact [Bloomreach Support](🔗) to disable this feature. You can also disable it through the front-end API. Visit the Algorithm Controls [guide](🔗) to learn the process of modifying the SmartSort Algorithm.