The Bloomreach Page View Pixels track views of your customers on your pages, which are divided into the following page types:

  • [Global Page View](🔗)

  • [Virtual Page View](🔗)

  • [Product Page View](🔗)

  • [Content Page View](🔗)

  • [Category Page View](🔗)

  • [Search Result Page View](🔗)

  • [Conversion Page View Pixel](🔗)

We recommend that you add the Page View Event Code to your **main site template footer**, which affects every page on your site, including your conversion (HTTPS) pages. This will allow Bloomreach to gather the information we need from your site to support your Bloomreach content and optimize your user experience.

Implementing Pixel in a Test Environment

If you are implementing the pixel in a test environment (development, staging, UAT, etc.), you must add a **test_data** variable. When set to “true”, this flags pixel data to be ignored during analytics processing. First read about the [Global Page View Tracking pixel](🔗) in the next section, then read more about the [test_data variable here.](🔗)