Missing “q” in Search/Suggest

Problem and Background

When a user types a query in the search box and hits submit, the Search event pixel should fire. When a user clicks on an autosuggest in the search box, the Suggest event pixel should fire.


Search and Suggest pixels have a required q field containing the actual query that is sent to the backend as the search query for which Bloomreach retrieves results. If a value is not set, it is an error.

Debugging Steps

  1. Reach out to Bloomreach Support for a list of raw URLs where value is not set.
  2. Each example lists a raw URL from which Search/Suggest pixels are generated.
  3. Go to a sample URL. It is usually a product URL.
  4. Start typing a query into the search box and then hit submit or click on an autosuggest. Try each one separately if needed. Search/Suggest event is generated.
  5. Verify the Search/Suggest event to check if q is empty.
  6. BloomreachPixel Checker Chrome extension also flags this pixel issue since q is a required field for Search/Suggest pixel.

Common Cause

Pixel implementation is not populating the q field of the Search/Suggest event.


Once you have debugged the issue, reproduce the issue and using the Simple Pixel tool, fix the pixel implementation. Reach out to the Bloomreach Support team if you have any questions and are not able to solve the issue.

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