Mismatch between Categories in BR Dashboard and Expected Result


For certain customers, the number of products listed in certain categories do not match the number of products visible in Customer’s third party tools such as Smart Merchandiser and Bloomreach dashboard .

For example, if we consider the below example and look at the items in the BR category, these are products from the previous season, and the items that the merchandiser is trying to display for the upcoming season are not displayed in the mix.


Third party tool such as Smart Merchandiser:


Possible Reasons

  • Feed Issue - This is the most common reason why this happens. The following solution is for the issue occurring due to this reason.
    Apart from Feed issues, this can also occur due to the following:
  • UI issue
  • Data Sync

Cause Analysis

When such issues occur, Bloomreach support team validates the category-product mapping in
the latest feed. Which means Bloomreach Support verifies the product feed snippet for the product sent in the corresponding feed and confirm if the categories are linked. Thereafter, Bloomreach Support verifies if the same is reflected in the Bloomreach Dashboard.


The data visible on the BR dashboard is what customers provide to Bloomreach in the feed. If such an issue occurs, check and update the feed data and remove the irrelevant products from the category.
Additionally, follow the below checklist to identify the actual cause of the issue:

  • Number of Crumbs and Crumbs ID should match
  • Are the products in the categories in stock?


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