Milestone 4: API deployment


Are you integrating only Insights features?

You can skip this entire milestone if you're integrating only Insights features.


Here's what we did before starting this milestone

  • Together we defined a detailed scope of the integration project.
  • You integrated the platform components on your site:
    • You deployed the JavaScript tracking pixel on all of your pages.
    • You generated and delivered your product feed. You continue to generate and deliver your feed daily.
  • Optional steps:
    • If required for your use cases, you generated and delivered your delta feed. You continue to generate deliver this supplemental delta feed hourly.

What happens in this milestone?

What you doWhat Bloomreach and you do together
You define your parameter values and deploy the APIs for the features you want to integrate on your site:

Bloomreach Search and Merchandising features:
Product search
Content search
Category search
Bestseller search
Recommendations and Pathways
MLT widget
JFY widget
Bloomreach SEO features:
Thematic Pages
Related categories, related items and related products widgets
We review your API deployments.

Bloomreach uses RESTful APIs to provide data for features on your mobile and desktop pages. You define these APIs for your site during the integration process. You can work on the APIs concurrently or in sequence, according to your own preference.

The APIs you use depend on which features you want to integrate on your site. Your Bloomreach representative reviews these features with you during integration kickoff. If you decide after kickoff to change which features you want to integrate, then let your Bloomreach representative know.

These APIs are performed over HTTP 1.1 protocol and the response is JSON-formatted.


API Reference

To get started with using the Discovery APIs, and details on the endpoints and supported parameters, visit the API Reference.


Explore Discovery Web Code Samples showcase to seamlessly implement core Bloomreach capabilities like Search, Autosuggest, and Recommendations.

WhatΒ΄s next?

After pointing your API servers to production servers, you may continue to the Listen and tune milestone.