Milestone 7: Handoff to Account Management


Here's what we did before starting this milestone

  1. Together we defined a detailed scope of the integration project.
  2. You integrated the platform components on your site:
    • You deployed the JavaScript tracking pixel on all of your pages.
    • You generated and delivered your product feed. You continue to generate and deliver your feed daily.
  3. Optional:
    • You generated and delivered your delta feed to supplement your full product feed. You continue to generate and deliver your supplemental delta feed hourly.
  4. You deployed feature APIs on your site.
  5. Bloomreach monitored traffic on your site. You and your Bloomreach integration team tuned the integration to provide optimal results.
  6. Bloomreach deployed Bloomreach data to production and began returning meaningful data in API responses.

What happens in this milestone?

Together, we have a day zero meeting. Your Bloomreach Account Manager becomes your primary contact with Bloomreach.

If you need technical assistance, then the Bloomreach Support Team can help with both urgent and non-urgent issues. We recommend raising support issues through the Support Portal.

What happens next?

Congratulations, your integration process is finished! Now, Bloomreach users in your organization, such as merchandisers and marketers, can use Bloomreach Dashboard tools to finely tune your site's search quality and maximize its SEO value.