Incorrect “etype”, Expecting Quickview

Problem and Background

In some cases, users on a category or search results page can click on a product to view the details through a quick view modal or a popup without navigating to the product page completely. This triggers the Quickview event pixel.


For the Quickview event, an “action” parameter is set, that is converted by Bloomreach’s javascript to the “etype” field. For Quickview, the expected value of “etype” is quickview. If this is incorrect, there is an error.

Debugging Steps

  1. Reach out to Bloomreach Support for a list of URLs where etype is set incorrectly.
  2. Go to a sample URL. It is usually a product URL.
  3. Click on a product on the page to trigger the Quickview modal. Quickview event is generated.
  4. Verify the Quickview event to check if the “etype” is quickview.

Common Causes

  • The pixel implementation is capturing another “etype” for this field such as click or submit.
  • The pixel implementation is not capturing the “etype” of the event at all.


Reproduce the issue using the debugging steps provided and fix the pixel implementation for the “action” parameter. If the issue persists, contact Bloomreach Support.

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