Algorithm Controls

This guide introduces you to the Algorithm Controls feature and illustrates the enablement process of these controls.

💡Prerequisite knowledge

We recommend that you review the following guides to understand the algorithms discussed in this guide:

What is the Algorithm Controls feature

Algorithm Controls feature empowers you to control and adjust 4 of our algorithms directly through front-end API calls or Bloomreach's dashboard tool. You can modify the settings of the following algorithms:

  • Search Recall Precision
  • Query Relaxation
  • Spell Correct
  • Facet Precision

Why is this feature valuable for your business

  • Greater independence: The Algorithm controls feature enables you to customize and manage our intelligent algorithms. The result is greater independence in choosing and implementing the configurations that best suit your business needs.
  • More convenience: With Algorithm controls, you get the flexibility to modify our algorithms at your convenience. You save time, effort, and overhead by not having to file Support requests for algorithm customizations.

How this feature works

You can conveniently configure the Algorithm Controls feature using either of the two routes:

  • API Controls: This route allows you to customize the algorithms by passing a specified parameter directly to the front-end API call.
  • Dashboard Controls: This route enables you to adjust the algorithms directly from the Discovery dashboard.

How to enable this feature

Live Customers: This feature will be enabled by default for all Search customers.
Integrating Customers: This feature will be enabled for all currently integrating Search customers.


  • AB testing of these algorithm controls through the dashboard is not supported at this time.
  • Other algorithm controls like Lookup and Relevance by Segment are not supported.

General FAQs

  1. Is there an additional charge for a customer to get this feature?
    No. It is available to all Discovery Search customers.

  2. Does this feature support both Search and Category?
    Currently, the supported controls are relevant only at a Search level. Category support will be provided in the future.

  3. Does this feature support Pathways?

  4. What are the different ways a customer can AB test these Algorithm control features?
    For AB Testing, you can use the following 2 ways:

  • Backend configured AB tests: You can contact Bloomreach’s business services to configure AB tests in the backend. However, while performing tests through the backend, it is recommended not to pass a different setting on the API
  • Self-managed AB tests: You can manage AB tests on your own because parameters are controllable through the front-end API. For example, you can just pass experience A with one type of precision mode and experience B with another type of precision mode.

What´s next?

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