Missing Facets on a Category or Search Page


Facets missing on category or search page.

Debugging Steps

To investigate the issue and the reason, follow the steps below:

  1. Check which operation is applied on the facet in Global Facet Management.
  2. Check if any operation is applied on the facet on the category or query level.
  3. Check if there are any conflicts in the operations. If yes, category/query rule will take precedence.
  4. Contact your technical team for the API call to check if the issue is reproducible in the API response.
    a. If yes, raise a ticket on the Bloomreach Support Portal with the API call.
    b. If no, advise your technical team to investigate further.

Additional Steps

Within the dashboard

If the facet is visible in the Global Facet Manager, check the values for that facet and see if any are likely to apply to the products in the category where this is not showing up. If none are present it could indicate this data is not being sent in the product feed.

Technical Check API: Build your own example API as described here.

  1. Modify the search_type from keyword to category.
  2. Modify q to have the value of the category id you are checking
  3. Add a new field, facet.field with a value of the facet you are looking for.
  4. Click Go or Resubmit the request.

The facet.field command tells the system to include the facet for the given query even if it would normally not show, there will be 3 outcomes.

  • In the facet_fields section of the api response (facets section in case of V3 Facet response) - you will see the facet listed as an empty array ie, facetName:[ ], if none of the products in this category in the product feed have a value for this facet. Hence the empty array [ ].
  • The facet will be shown with suitable options, if the facet is on algorithm control and is not popular or used enough to be in the results by default for the category. Alternatively, in feed settings the facet is set to manual, and will only show if set to always show for the category in the dashboard.
  • If the facet is still not visible, it means that there is a blocklist rule for this facet configured somewhere within the dashboard.


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